Why Should Beauty Entrepreneurs Partner with an Irish Cosmetic Manufacturer?

Manufacturing facility Ireland

Developing cosmetic products is a complex task.  There are a wide variety of factors, tests and accreditations that must be considered before launching a private label cosmetic product. Many beauty companies partner with an Irish cosmetic manufacturer such as Contract Formulations when developing their product line as these companies have experience and expertise within the cosmetics industry.  

1. Our Facility and Expertise

One of the most apparent reasons cosmetics brands partner with a cosmetics manufacturing company is to avail of their facilities and workforce.  Financial resources are limited for many companies.  Employing staff, hiring equipment, and renting a production facility will quickly drain budgets.  Partnering with a cosmetic company that has an advanced facility will dramatically reduce manufacturing costs.  It is essential that the cosmetic production facility is GMP and ISO certified to ensure quality manufacturing practices are in place. 

Manufacturing facility Ireland

2. Transportation Costs and Lead Time

If selling products within the Irish market, it makes sense to choose an Irish cosmetic manufacturer. Having your cosmetic range manufactured internationally will increase the transportation costs of your finished goods.  The lead times associated with manufacturing cosmetics abroad are also considerably longer.  By choosing an Irish cosmetic manufacturer, your brand will benefit from more flexible lead time and cost savings. 

manufacturing transport costs

3. Industry Knowledge

Experienced cosmetic manufacturers have vast knowledge and experience within the industry.  For example, cosmetic products sold within the Irish and European markets must adhere to specific EU regulations. These regulations include safety assessments and testing, labelling and packaging requirements plus ingredient-specific regulations.  By partnering with a reputable cosmetic manufacturer, your brand will benefit from invaluable support and advice, especially during the product development stage. 

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4. Procurement Advice

While formulating cosmetic products, it is essential to make procurement-specific considerations when choosing ingredients in the formulation stage of cosmetic product development. Experienced cosmetic manufacturers have an in-depth understanding of ingredient MOQs and costs. These factors must be considered before formulating products to ensure that only financially viable ingredients are chosen. Cosmetic manufacturers also have established long-lasting relationships with key suppliers. These networks are extremely valuable when sourcing obscure ingredients that can be otherwise difficult to procure. 

cosmetic sourcing and procurement division

In summary, partnering with a cosmetic manufacturer such as Contract Formulations will not only provide you with the physical resources to produce your cosmetic line but also the invaluable knowledge and experience needed to successfully launch your product line. 

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