Outsourcing Contract Filling and Packaging Services

Cosmetic Filling Services

At Contract Formulations, we offer customisable bulk filling and packaging solutions for your company’s needs.  We specialise in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and homecare industries.   At Contract Formulations, we pride ourselves on our customer service.  We understand our client’s filling and packaging needs before providing them with a customised plan that details special requirements and timelines.  Whether you are a newly formed company or a large-scale cosmetic company, at Contract Formulations, we can provide you with a one-stop, turnkey solution for your filling and packaging needs.

Our Facility

Our Facility in Co.  Mayo is state-of-the-art.  All our filling is conducted in a clean room facility which is specially designed to prevent products from being contaminated as it removes foreign particles from the filling environment.  We have invested in specialised machines that can efficiently fill, label and code a high volume of products.   

Contract Formulations is Good Manufacturing Practice 22716:2007 and Quality Management System 9001:2015 accredited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.  Our quality control consultant has trained staff to follow GMP guidelines.  Daily quality checks conducted by senior staff ensure these guidelines are followed and the products on the production line are filled correctly.  This assures our clients that we strictly adhere to best manufacturing practices making us a reliable manufacturing partner.    

What is Contract Packing and Filling?

Contract Filling and packing is the service of taking finished products and preparing them to be shipped to a distribution centre or retailer.   Typically, a product will arrive on-site in a bulk container or “secondary packaging”.  We then use this bulk product to fill small “primary packaging” appropriate for the end consumer use.  Depending on our client’s requirements, we may then pack the product in an outer box or gift set.    

The Benefits of Outsourcing Bulk Filling and Packaging


Inhouse filling and packaging involves a large investment to training and paying staff. Many cosmetic companies may not have a full-time filling and packing requirements.  By outsourcing your filling and packaging you can access to a highly trained workforce only when you need them.   


At Contract Formulations, we have invested in specialised machinery that allows us to fill and pack your product. By using a contract filling and packing service, you do not need to make large investments in packing machinery. 


At Contract Formulations, we have a high level of expertise and knowledge regarding packing. We provide our clients with guidance on which packaging solutions are most suitable for their needs. 


Many of our cosmetic clients have specific certifications and accreditations they must comply with as part of their brand’s identity, unique selling point and business model. At Contract Formulations, we can alter and adjust our filling and packing processes to comply with specific standards so that our clients can achieve these certifications. 

Space Constraints:

Several of our clients work from small distribution centres in busy cities. These companies are constrained by space and therefore cannot store raw materials and large quantities of finished goods.  At Contract Formulations, we have designated shelf space for our clients’ raw materials and can hold finished goods depending on their requirements.