New Product Development - Step by Step Guide

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Overview of Stages

This first stage involves the following:

Our team of formulation chemists reviewing your product brief to determine potential pathways to development and any potential issues at this early stage.

Research , Development and Technical analysis of potential ingredients to ensure maximisation of product efficacy and to ensure the raw ingredients will be:

  • Safe to use,
  • Safe to mix,
  • Formulate well together,
  • Perform as required

Formulation of final ingredients into a specification / product as required with prototype development.

Product development generally takes 3-4 months depending on the complexity of the formula.

Tests the stability of the formula over a 12 week period.

Tests the stability/overall interaction of the formula with packaging materials.

Ensures the preservative is adequate to maintain the shelf life of the product over the period it is intended for use.

Patch test on human volunteers to rate the irritation potential of the product.

Tests the irritation potential of the product if it were to come in contact with eyes on cultured cells (No animal testing).

Breakdown of the toxicological profile of the individual materials and the mixture of those materials, sets out any warnings to be declared on pack and assures product is compliant and safe for use and sale.

Complete file of all tests completed, complete formula, raw materials used with supplier details, toxicological profile, information for artwork files and product specifications – This file must be updated after the first production run with manufacturing facility with all the information relating to the materials used, process and raw material CofA’s. Manufacturer to supply.

We will notify the product on the CPNP on your behalf.

(* Please note all processes marked are mandatory under EU Regulations)

Additional Services

Biocide PCS Application (Dept. of Agriculture)
Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
In house Graphic DesignerTBC
Barcode GenerationTBC
Stock holding facilitiesTBC


After successful completion of Step one (Product Development) we start the process of sourcing your preferred packaging.

We have a global network of packaging suppliers offering the latest innovative packaging solutions. We can guide you to our most tried and tested supplier websites to help you in the selection of you specific packaging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

MOQ is determined by the ingredients in your formulation. Each raw ingredient will have a MOQ from each supplier/manufacturer of each ingredient. Generally we will have most ingredients and can offer flexibility with MOQ as low as 100KG however we can determine exact MOQ for your specific product after successful completion of Step one (Product development).

Each formulation is developed to meet individual customer’s needs. You are paying for your formulation.

Yes we have large warehousing facilities with capacity to hold 500+ pallets.

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