Fake Tan Manufacturers Ireland

The Irish false tan market is thriving, with the Irish people being the highest per capita users of fake tan in the world.  Many entrepreneurs have capitalised on this demand by bringing new fake tan brands to the Irish market. Each new tanning brand offers a unique value proposition that sets them apart from its competitors.

With this influx of false tan brands on the Irish market, a unique selling point is a critical element when designing and manufacturing your tan. Providing your customers with new benefits will satisfy a unique need and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Brand DNA defines the unique essence of your brand that makes you unique and distinguishable from your competitors, giving your customers a reason to buy from you.   The brand DNA that forms the core of your brand and is composed of your purpose, promise position and values.

At Contract Formulations, we understand that your brand values must be instilled in all product development and manufacturing stages. That’s why our customers maintain a high level of control and involvement from the start to the end of the product development journey while we act as a support to achieve the product and brand specification needed to set your tanning product apart from competitors.    We offer a range of services depending on what stage of the product development journey your company is at.

Our Services:

  • Tan Formulating & Product Development
  • Technical and legislative Advice / Certifications
  • Tan Manufacturing
  • Tan Filling and Packaging

Technical and legislative Advice / Certifications

As fake tan is a cosmetic product, there are specific regulations the product must comply with to be sold in the European market.  At  Contract formulations, we are  Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 22716:2007 and Quality Management Systems 9001:2015 certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).  Many manufacturers operate to these standards but aren’t certified.  Our laboratory’s and production facility was the first in Ireland to be GMP certified.

Our Regulatory team can guide you through the process of testing and paperwork necessary to ensure your product complies with all EU Regulation for sale in terms of Micro Testing, Stability, Preservative, Safety Assessments, Label wording / Design, Barcoding, Product Information Files (PIF) CPNP listings, Certs of Analysis (COA) and Safety Data Sheets.

Many of our clients have specific accreditation requirements they need their manufacturing plant to operate in accordance with.  Because we are GMP and Quality Management Systems accredited, we have all of the practices and procedures in place within all of our manufacturing, filling and warehousing departments.  These quality measures, are intrinsic within our production facility and practices which give us a really strong foundation when applying for other certifications that a client may wish to be in accordance with.  As we have this foundation, we have acquired additional certifications such as Cosmos/Soil Association and Organic Trust with little difficulty.

Tan Manufacturing

–       Raw material

As we have a developed own brand and experience working with other brands, we have sourced a wide variety of ingredients in the past.  This has allowed us to build a relationship with suppliers who ensure we get our hands on the necessary ingredients, no matter how obscure.

–       Our facility/Infrastructure

Our new state of the art laboratories based in County Mayo is one of the best-equipped laboratories in the country, which is a fully certified facility in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 22716:2007 and Quality Management Systems 9001:2015 by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

As Our facility is GMP certified, it is regularly audited, ensuring all the manufacturing, warehousing, and filling facilities are of a high standard.  Products are manufactured and packaged in our cleanroom facility, which works by removing pollutants, particles, and contaminants from outside ambient air, ensuring products are not contaminated.

–       Our Team

Our experienced production management and supply chain team ensure that production occurs at a timely and reliable rate.  Our quality management consultant and daily quality checks ensure that all of the correct measures are in place to ensure there are no nasty surprises when your tanning product arrives with you.

Tan Filling and Packaging

We have provided our clients with bulk repackaging services which is the transfer of a manufactured tanning product from a bulk container to small containers that the fake tan will be sold in.  The product is unaltered during this process and solely prepared for sale or distribution.

Key considerations when bulk packaging:

  • Equipment Needed
  • Environment
  • Packaging Used
  • Labelling
  • Barcode

We ensure that our equipment is compatible with your preferred product packaging.  We offer a range of packaging options such as cardboard and plastic.  As part of our goal to operate according to the European Green Deal, we have various reusable and recycled packaging options that support a circular economy.  Consumers are actively trying to avoid single-use plastics, making sustainable packaging options include glass, cardboard, recyclable plastics, and eco-friendly compostable packages a popular alternative.

To find out how we can tailor our services to suit your product development journey and business needs contact us for more information.